Only a Trucancated and Imaginary Vision

This piece is part of the project Fragments from Algiers that investigates the event of the first Third World Film Committee, held in Algiers in 1973. A still of the Sahara desert, found in the filmmakers archive, is projected through a peephole, looming in the exhibition room. The projection is accompanied by a sound composition that combines distinct calls of cicada species from around the globe. The sound piece uses the cicada call metaphorically, as a symbol of generational awakening after dormancy, pointing to the international movement of solidarity among the Third World countries that were part of the film encounter and denoting also the sound of a film projector. This installation was presented in 2019 at Biquini Wax ESP, in Mexico City in Only a Truncated and Imaginary Vision, organized by Kirsten Mairead Gill.

Carmen Amengual, Only a Truncated and Imaginary Vision, Digital projection, installation, 2019

Carmen Amengual, Cicadas # 1: Mirage; Haunting. Sound, infinite loop, 2019