Fragments from Algiers (2019-ongoing)

Fragments from Algiers is an investigation-in-progress on an episode in the movement of solidarity among Third World countries in the 1970s: the first Third World Film Committee, held in Algiers in 1973. Stemming from a tenuous archive (a pile of slides, some objects and letters) left by the artist’s mother, in addition to research and collection of oral histories, this project explores the story of four South American friends who, after organizing the encounter, made plans to film a documentary on the decolonial movements in the region.

Rather than providing a historical account, I attempt to trace the dreams, desires, and imagery of this group in its pursuit of personal and political emancipation through film. Experimenting with storytelling, documentary forms, and modes of installation, this project aims to imaginatively reconstruct these friends’ trip through the Algerian desert and the film project that never materialized. This reconstruction proceeds through fragments: pieces of film, installation, and artworks that give an account both of the story and of the incompleteness of it, pointing out its vanishing quality and its broken and displaced transmission.

By bringing this forgotten episode to our current times, I am attempting to trace a bridge between that past—occluded by military violence—and the present, establishing a continuity with the disrupted revolutionary project.

Carmen Amengual, Fragments from Algiers, 2019. Super 8 to digital, 4:52 min. 

Carmen Amengual, Fragments from Algiers, 2019. Super 8 to digital, 4:52 min.

Carmen Amengual, Fragments from Algiers, 2019. Super 8 to digital, 4:52 min.